Partnering with Myers Tech LLC, I was able to provide a virtual tour of the restaurant to visitors. The client wanted to get their restaurant on the internet and be easily found by hungry diners and travelers. Having their menu on their website was also an important piece of the puzzle, they wanted to enable all potential diners to discover …

R&L Contractors

The client requested to have a more modern look that worked enabled their visitors to view their website regardless of the platform they were using. Increasing their online footprint for better marketing and driving more follow through on their hits. Providing a portfolio was a keystone of this project in order for potential clients to view their past work and …

All Dimensions Fitness

Partnering with Myers Tech LLC, I was able to provide a virtual tour of the facilities for potential visitors. Ensuring the website had a clean and easy to navigate user experience; intended to convert clicks into memberships. The client wanted to ensure the products she sold and vendors she partnered with were visible and effective to drive new memberships or …

Associates in Women’s Health

The biggest goal was to have a website that worked fluidly on mobile since their biggest client base browses the internet via a smartphone. The client wanted to increase their visibility online so that their clients can find them easier. Having the ability link to their Social Media; as well as having a quick contact form was very important.

Piano Service Company

The client wanted to establish an online presence for quick and easy brand recognition. The client also wanted the website to be simple to use and easy to access for any visitors. The client wanted the website to look good in order to draw attention to the finer details of the service they provide.

TIMCO Service & Supply

Making their Product Catalog easily searchable and accessible by their customers is extremely important. A site that is mobile friendly and accessible on all devices is critical. Posting the recently published news article on the website is important so visitors can see what is happening in the industry.

First Presbyterian Church of Moorcroft WY

Having a map that our visitors can use to find us is very important. Providing details and information for our Youth outreach means newcomers can discover how to get involved. Offering the ability for website visitors to contact and reach out for more information is critical.

First Presbyterian Church of Gillette WY

Having a fresh and modern design is important to let potential visitors know who we are. Showing all the activities that are available and the information about each one is important for newcomers. Showing pictures of our building and a location on a map so newcomers and visitors can find us.

HomeBridge Server on Raspberry Pi

What is HomeBridge and why should you use it? omeBridge is a utility that some wonderful geniuses wrote to allow you to tie together all of the various “almost smart” home devices into Apples new HomeKit framework for Siri to control. If you want to learn more about Siri and HomeKit then I would suggest you start reading Apple’s website for some examples and …

How I almost got scammed!

Everyone and their dog knows about the Nigerian email scam and don’t even give them a second thought. Well scam artists are becoming smarter and they have new ways to scam you out of your money. This person who tried to scam me took it to a whole new level, and I was shocked by the depth of this attempt. I am the owner of …